2017 HIPS Rhizome Sale Information

2017 Rhizome Sale Information Page

If you are new to our Rhizome Sale, start here. On this page you will find a complete overview of the sale and how it works.
If you ordered last year, you can jump to the Quick Guide to Ordering page.
You can also download a PDF of this information page if you want to print it out.
The iris list is now online! Click here to go to the List page.

The HIPS Annual Rhizome Sale is undergoing a few tweaks, so we can tighten up the schedule a bit and  get fresher rhizomes into the hands of our buyers. Last year’s “live” sale was a big hit, and buyers knew quickly what was still available to purchase and what they had already purchased. Buyers without computer access can still purchase irises (see NO COMPUTER ACCESS?, below).

The list of available cultivars and quantities will be available here on the HIPS website on or before July 17. The list will include links to photos and information about the cultivars whenever possible. Rhizomes will cost US$6.50 each, which includes postage. NOIDS cost $5.00, which includes postage. The minimum purchase is four rhizomes. Canadians, please see CANADIAN ORDERS, below.

To be fair to people in different time zones, the irises will be offered in two rounds, one starting in the morning and one twelve hours later (see TIME ZONE CHART, below).

Each round will contain half the rhizomes of each cultivar. For instance, if we have 20 rhizomes of ‘Acropolis’, 10 will be offered in Round One and 10 in Round Two. You may buy ‘Acropolis’ during either round of the sale, but not both. Only ONE rhizome of each cultivar is allowed per buyer in the first three days. You can come back and buy other cultivars in Round Two, though. Only HIPS members may purchase irises for the first three days. Not a HIPS member? We recommend that you join HIPS before the sale begins if you want the best selection. E-membership costs only US$10.

We will process all requests as quickly as possible, in the order in which they are received. Many cultivars are in very limited amounts and will sell out almost immediately. Requests sent via postal mail will be processed as soon as possible upon receipt.

July 17, 2017:
We’ll post the iris sale list on the HIPS website so you can study it and make your choices. We’ll post photos and links to each variety if we can find them. We will add to this list as we receive rhizomes from donors and remove cultivars if a donor cannot send them. We will also send out paper lists today to those who have requested them.
July 22, 2017: 8AM Central Time (8:00 in the MORNING) – Round One begins for HIPS members only, and just one rhizome per cultivar for now. The spreadsheet for Round One will be locked 30 minutes before the start of Round Two. All remaining irises will be transferred to Round Two and will be available for purchase during that round.
Still July 22, 2017: 8PM Central Time (8:00 in the EVENING) – Round Two begins for HIPS members only, and just one rhizome per cultivar for now.
July 25, 2017: 8AM Central Time – Non HIPS members may now purchase irises. Also, you may now all buy more than one rhizome of each cultivar if you wish.
July 27, 2017: LAST DAY TO ORDER!

These hours are when Round One starts in the morning and Round Two starts in the evening:
9:00AM or PM Eastern Time
8:00AM or PM Central Time, as in our example
7:00AM or PM Mountain Time
6:00AM or PM Pacific Time

(or see No Computer Access?, below)

  1. At the start of your preferred Round, email your list of chosen cultivars to <hipsirissale@gmail.com>, along with your full name, email address, phone number, and mailing address. ORDERS WITHOUT ALL OF THE REQUESTED INFORMATION WILL NOT BE FILLED.
  2. When your request arrives, we’ll add it to the online spreadsheet. Requests are posted in the order received. Requests are listed by email name. For instance, <irisbuyer@gmail.com> would be listed simply as irisbuyer. As each request is posted, those rhizomes are subtracted from the total, so you can see how many of each cultivar are left to buy and which cultivars are sold out. You may send additional lists as needed. Please wait at least 6 hours before inquiring about your order – there is a big rush as the sale opens.
  3. You may buy again in Round Two if you miss out on a cultivar during Round One of the sale. Each cultivar is limited to one per buyer, however, until July 25 (see TIMELINE, above).
  4. Once you are sure you’re done ordering, email us at hipsirissale@gmail.com and tell us that. Don’t delay – the biggest rhizomes are shipped first. We will then send a PayPal invoice to you and you pay the total. Credit cards are accepted through PayPal, even if you don’t have an account. You may mail a check if you’re a HIPS member, but your order will not be shipped until your check is received. If you’re not a HIPS member, you MUST use PayPal.DO NOT SEND PAYMENT until you receive your invoice. Payment must be received within 48 hours of invoice date unless you let us know that you are mailing a check.
  5. ALL ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY JULY 27 (except Canadian orders; see below).
  6. Once your order is paid, we’ll pack and mail it quickly, so you can get the plants in the ground as soon as possible. We ship by US postal mail only.

You may request a paper list of available irises from Judy Schneider, 1778 CR 107, Whitesboro TX 76273. Judy will send you the list as soon as it’s available. Because Judy must have your request by July 15 at the absolute latest, we suggest you send your request NOW, while you’re thinking of it. We need your mailing address; MAKE SURE WE CAN READ YOUR HANDWRITING.

If you do not have computer access for purchasing irises, you may phone Judy Schneider at 940-594-5557 with your request, starting at 8AM Central Time on July 20 (see TIME ZONE CHART, above).

Canadians, you must be HIPS members to buy irises. Please follow the HOW TO ORDER instructions, above. We will send all Canadian orders in one shipment to the Canadian Rhizome Sale Coordinator, B. J. Jackson. You will pay the regular US$6.50 per rhizome price, plus a US$7.00 surcharge per customer to cover the cost of the phytosanitary certificate and initial shipping to B.J. The individual shipping costs, from B.J. to you, are included in the rhizome price. CANADIAN ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY JULY 24.

If you have any questions before the sale, email our Rhizome Sale Chair, Judy Schneider at hipsirissale@gmail.com (preferred) or phone her at 940-594-5557.



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