2018 Rhizome Sale Information – Updated 7-17-2018

2018 Rhizome Sale Information (Updated 7-17-2018)

Is your membership current? You must be a current member by midnight, July 19 to participate in the Member Sale, which starts on July 21. To check your membership expiration date, look at the label on your Spring ROOTS envelope, or contact Judy Eckhoff, our Membership Chair, at judy67543@gmail.com


Please check back as we are activating the links to the thumbnail sheets as they are finished.  We want to make sure the late additions are listed.  These links will take you to viewable sheets in Google Docs – please give them a moment to load. Links to  ordering information are at the bottom of the page.  CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF IRIS NAMES ONLY.

Irises A-B
Irises C
Irises D-F
Irises G-K
Irises L-O
Irises P-R
Irises S
Irises T-Z
NOIDs – no ID, but pretty!

We will bundle rhizomes to make sure buyers get a good helping, but please be aware you may get several smaller rhizomes rather than one large one.   We inspect each rhizome three times during the sale process to make sure they are healthy. This is a photo of how we’re bundling Cottage Maid, which is a smaller rhizome anyway.  The rhizome on the left will ship on its own. The ones in the middle will be bundled in the bag (that’s one portion).  The ones on the right are too small and will be dried out by the sale, so we are planting those for next year’s sale. Early historics are often diploid, and their rhizomes are smaller to begin with.

Buyers, please be aware that our donors do their very best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the variety, and we have a very good accuracy percentage, but we can’t be responsible for misnamed irises. Keep your donor number – we can use it to try and identify an iris that blooms incorrectly. We thank you for your understanding.

A complete overview of the 2018 sale and how it works.

If you ordered last year, you can jump to the Quick Guide to Ordering page.


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