Can’t you please just give me your NAME?

One of the more interesting albeit controversial aspects of Historic Iris is when folks are growing an ‘Unknown’ aka NOID,  and want to find out what the ‘real’ name is.

There are ‘purists’ who believe you can never put a name on an iris once its lost. While others believe it is worth the investigation and some can indeed be identified.
Some folks will tell you your beloved iris could be a seedling, or there are 50,000+ registered iris, many of which there are no pictures so if would be almost impossible to find a name. But still, you cannot close your mind to the possibility that maybe you might be able to identify it. If you are among the curious, and willing to search for an identification, it can be a rewarding or disheartening experience, and we at HIPS are willing to help.

We have put together a group articles and tools to help you, because we also love a mystery. And you should too.

Click here to see Phil Edinger’s excellent article on Iris Identification
Click here to see Our Color charts
Click here to see a PBF listing
Click here to see a new tool called the Composite Iris ID Collage
Click here to see Catherine Adam’s article (in French) on various rhizome shapes.

In addition there are other useful places on this site which can offer you help.

  • Our Gallery has an advanced search function which will let you see a selection of iris photos using specialized criteria. Check out the Advanced Search on the Gallery page
  • For members of HIPS, visit our member forum and post your iris on the thread titled ‘Identification’ and other HIPS members may be able to help identify it.

Good luck  on your adventure, and share with us either on the Forum or email if you have found your iris. Warning: Iris Identification is not easy and can be  frustrating, but terribly addictive!

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