Other Official Business Matters

1/2018   2018 HIPS budget (approved; PDF file)

1/2018   Dec. 31, 2017 financial report (PDF file)

10/2017  Dec. 31, 2016 financial report (PDF file)

9/2016  The HIPS Board has created an Archives Acquisition Fund for the purpose of purchasing relevant materials on historic irises to enhance the HIPS Archives. A line item will be added to the 2016 HIPS budget to fund this in the amount of $500.  Future HIPS budgets will have the Archives Acquisition Fund as a line item. The HIPS Vice-President will be the administrator for the Archives Acquisition Fund.  The fund could cover, but will not be limited to:

  • the purchase of materials (slides, catalogs, books, etc.)
  • mileage at the IRS nonprofit rate if requested
  • incidental expenses such as thumb drives, copies, or other expenses deemed reasonable by the Vice-President

Before purchasing any new archive items, the current HIPS archives and the AIS archives will be checked to see if the materials are already in possession of HIPS or the AIS.   The HIPS Vice-President will submit an annual report to the President detailing the expenditures from this fund.

4/2016  The 2016 HIPS Budget is now online.  Click here to view the PDF.

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