Dykes MedalAll AIS awards except ECs are based on voting by AIS judges on performance in the garden.

HC - Highly Commended - for a non-introduced seedling as judged in the garden and receiving five judged votes.

EC - Exhibition Certificate - awarded to the best seedling in an iris show or receiving five votes from judges present.

HM - Honorable Mention - award for an introduced variety, eligible the second year after its introduction.

AM - Award of Merit - required award for eligibility for all yearly awards (eligible second year after receiving HM)

Special Medals - Yearly awards - given to the top voted cultivar.

Medal NameIris classification type
Caparne-Welch Medal:Miniature Dwarf Bearded
Cook-Douglas Medal:Standard Dwarf Bearded
Hans and Jacob Sass Medal:Intermediate Bearded
Knowlton Medal:Border Bearded
Williamson-White Medal:Miniature Tall Bearded
John C. Wister Medal:Tall Bearded
C. G. White Medal:Aril (1/4 Ancestry)
William Mohr Medal:ArilBred (pure to 1/2 breed)
Morgan-Wood Medal:Siberian
J. A. Payne Medal:Japanese
Mary Swords Deballion Medal:Louisiana
Founders of SIGNA Medal:Species
Randolph-Perry Medal:Species X
Sydney B. Mitchell Medal:Pacifica
Eric Nies Medal:Spuria
Fred and Barbara Walther Cup:Winner of most HM votes
Dykes Memorial MedalHighest Award of any class
Must have won an AM to qualify