Iris Books

A few older iris books have entered the public domain and are available to download in PDF format. To save the PDF file to your computer right click on the book you wish to download and select 'save link as'. PDF files will open with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is standard on most operating systems. If you do not have this program it can be downloaded for free at

Handbook of the IrideæHandbook of the Irideæ
By John Gilbert Baker
Published 1892
by G. Bell & sons
247 pages
22.3 mbs
Reviewed in 'Diamonds in the Dust again'.
By William Rickatson Dykes
Published 1910
by T.C. & E.C. Jack
110 pages
23.1 mbs
Part of the Present Day Gardening series.
Reviewed in 'Diamonds in the Dust again'.
Bulbous IrisesBulbous Irises
Sir Michael Foster
Published 1892
by Royal Horticultural Society
93 pages
11.9 mbs
Reviewed in 'More Diamonds in the Dust'.
Tall Bearded Iris (fleur-de-lis).: What, When, where & how to Plant
By Walter Stager
Published 1917
Quality Print Shop
44 pages
7.4 mbs
Tall Bearded Iris (fleur-de-lis).: What, When, where & how to Plant
Tall Bearded Iris (fleur-de-lis),: Flower of SongsTall Bearded Iris (fleur-de-lis),: Flower of Songs
By Walter Stager
Published 1922
262 pages
5 mbs
Reviewed in 'Diamonds in the Dust again'.
NEW! - The Book of the Iris
By R. Irwin Lynch
Published 1904
Turnbull & Spears, Edinburgh
214 pages
5.3 mbs
The Book of the Iris
usda farmer's buletin 1406 - garden irises b.y. morrison, 19NEW! - USDA Farmer's Bulletin 1406 - Garden Irises
By B.Y. Morrison
Published 1926
46 pages
10.8 mbs

Google Books is a valuble resource for online books. Many iris books that aren't in the public domain do have search enabled so parts can be viewed. Click here for their Iris book selection.