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Canyon Sky

Fred DeForest 1954/1954

TB, 33″ (84 cm), Midseason bloom. Color Class-B4, Pale blue and dark mulberry-purple to deep violet, bronze haft. Seedling: (‘Three Sisters’ x ‘Fortune’s Favor‘) x ‘Louise Blake’. Irisnoll 1954.


Ruth Stephenson 1967/1968

IB, 20″ (51 cm), Midseason bloom. Blend of soft, light tan and lavender; brown lines over white each side of beard; light yellow stylearms with lavender crest and lavender down center. ‘Taholah’ X ‘Knotty Pine’. Old Brook 1968.

I Love Lace

John Durrance 1985/1985

TB, 35″ (89 cm), Midseason bloom. Ruffled and laced light lavender; tangerine beard. ‘Instant Charm’ X Hamblen seedling# H71 -20. Long’s Gardens 1985.


Wilma Greenlee 1964/1965

IB, 20″ (51 cm), Early bloom. Standards light gray-orchid; falls darker gray-orchid. ‘Char-Maize‘ X ‘Pearl Shell’. Eden Road 1965. Honorable Mention 1967; Judges Choice 1967, 1968.

Hush at Twilight

Barry Blyth 1981/1982

TB, 38″ (97 cm), Midseason to late midseason bloom. Standards creamy apricot; falls creamy apricot, washed rose pink; tangerine beard.’Lisa Ann’ X ‘Child Of Fortune’. Tempo Two 1981/82.

Flaming Light

Rex Brown 1972/1973

TB, 36″ (91 cm). Midseason late bloom. Standards bright Spanish orange with pinkish glow at midrib; falls slightly darker, ruffled; fire red beard. ‘Radiant Light’ X ‘Flaming Star’. J. & J. Iris 1973.


Thomas Washington 1936

TB. Late bloom. Color Class Y4D. Slight fragrance.

Front Page

Dr Rudolph Kleinsorge 1955/1955

TB, 36″ (91 cm). Midseason bloom. Color Class-Y4, Deep golden-yellow, large white patch in center of falls; gold beard. ‘Solid Gold’ x ‘El Paso’. Cooley 1955. Honorable Mention 1956; Judges Choice 1957.

Desert Coral

Schreiners 1973/1973

TB, 35″ (89 cm), Midseason bloom Standards shrimp pink, blushed darker at base and along midrib; falls same, slightly paler toward center; yellow-orange beard. Seedling T895-F: (seedling 0-900 x ‘Pretty Carol‘) X ‘Claudia Rene’. Schreiner 1973.

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