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Published by Troubadour Press    ISBN 9781785892981  Paperbound    256pp
Price: $32.00 (includes shipping to US addresses. Canadian and overseas buyers, see below)

Anne Milner presents her family history intertwined with the history of Bliss irises, which are now part of the British Plant Heritage family of National Collections of plants worth preserving.

Initially triggered by interest in her great, great grandfather, who built the Bliss Tweed Mill in Chipping Norton, Anne Milner discovered Arthur Bliss, a cousin of her grandfather, and his work with early 20th century irises.  Having traveled to New Zealand and South Africa, Arthur had many adventures before becoming famous in the horticultural world for breeding and introducing ‘Dominion’, an iris that took the world by storm when it was introduced in 1917.  It has since gone on to be found in the pedigree of hundreds of modern irises.

With stunning photographs, line drawings, and watercolors throughout, the second part of Bliss Irises focuses on the flowers themselves and details the range of irises registered by Anne Milner’s ancestor, Arthur Bliss.

Anne Milner learned her love of plants while helping her father in his garden as a child.  She started researching her family history in the early 1980s and discovered her Uncle Arthur and his irises.  She has no formal gardening training but has been enjoying gardening for over 40 years.  She is currently the Librarian for the British Iris Society.

Bliss Irises will be published on August 28, 2016.  By special arrangement with the author, pre-orders will be accepted through August 25, 2016 (US shipping only).  Anne will autograph each pre-ordered book.  The $32 price includes shipping to your home.  You may order by PayPal (below) or you may print and mail an order form.

Canadian and overseas customers: please contact Anne through her website to order: as it will be less expensive if she ships the book directly to you.

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