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New Iris Types Worthy of Use

They Provide a Broad Range of Variety and Color - Planting Time Here By F. W. Cassebeer

With iris planting time at hand the progressive gardener will not let the season pass without securing at least a few of the newer – and much finer – varieties that are now available at such moderate prices. This is especially true this year, because the Tall Bearded iris, among hardy plants, requires about the minimum of care and is therefore ideal for wartime beds and borders.
…..For several years the writer has grown practically all of the newer irises, and the varieties suggested here have been selected on the basis of all around performance rather than for the beauty of the flower alone. I any garden with average good care , they will “perform’ to the growers satisfaction.
…..Amoung whites there is glorious Mount Washington, whose whose noble form and carriage never fail to excite admiration, or Old Parchment with it’s elusive coloring – cream tinted with lavender fading to the color [...]

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