Commercial Sources for Historic Irises

As lovers of historic iris, most of us are also collectors of historic iris. So we always want to know, where can we find named historics to purchase? Sadly, many of our commercial sources have closed shop in the past few years. However I have compiled a list of current sources with their contact information, accessible by clicking the link below.

A Couple of Do’s and Don’ts

    • DO consider buying from our commercial sources to show your support for growers who continue to offer historic iris. There is a lot of competition out there for ‘shelf space’ and older iris that do not sell are dropped in favor of more modern iris. Show your support! Yes, you can swap iris, buy from local clubs, and beg, borrow and rescue iris, but if no one buys iris from vendors they will not be carried commercially anymore.
    • DO share this information with anyone that you know is interested in purchasing historic iris.
    • DO share with those vendors you order from, the fact that you appreciate they carry historics and encourage them to expand their offerings in the future.
    • DO let me know if you know of another source you would like added to the list.
    • DO ENJOY your Historic Iris purchases and share your pictures on the forum.
  • DO NOT question, in the name of HIPS, the accuracy of a vendor’s offerings. Most vendors will show you pictures and give you descriptions of their iris. If you don’t like what you see, just move on. If you absolutely MUST question an iris’ name, please do so as a private party, not as a HIPS representative. As HIPS members and as the Commercial Chair, we will always remain respectful of vendors who are offering these iris to us.


Commercial Source Vendor Contact Information

HIPS Members: For an extensive listing of all historic iris currently available from vendors, please log in and visit the Download Page for a Spreadsheet of these varieties.

Suggestions can be sent to me at this email
David Prichard
HIPS Commercial Source Chairman

Cooley's Garden

Working the iris fields
Cooley’s Gardens 1940’s

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