GG Spreadsheet Template

A Handy Spreadsheet for Tracking Your GG Irises…

Not sure how to keep track of your GG irises?  We’ve created an Excel template for you to use if you wish. Click on the link below to download the file.  Depending on your computer, you may be asked to click an “Enable Editing” button in order to enter your information. Don’t forget to save the file with your name!

Notes: “My Source” is the person/place from whom you got the iris.  “Provenance/Year” is where THEY got the iris, if known.  There is a “Notes” field for information you may want to track, i.e. people waiting for a rhizome, notes on color/size/bloom time, etc.

Questions? Contact Nancy McDonald, GG Program administrator, at Thank you for being a Guardian Gardener!

GG Spreadsheet template

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