Guardian Gardens

Guardian Gardens Program Handbook

1. An Introduction (revised 4-15-2020)
2. The Three Legs We Stand On (revised 4-15-2020)
3. What is Rare? (revised 4-19-2020)
4. Let There Be Noids (revised 4-15-2020)
5. The Watch List (revised 4-19-2020)
6. Rescues, Swaps, Facilitated Sales, & Other Acquisition Techniques (revised 4-15-2020)
7. GG Share-Outs (revised 5-24-2020)
Link to GG Forum (you will need to register to access the Share-Outs board)
8. Processing and Shipping Bearded Irises (revised 5-25-2020)
9. GG: A Quick Guide for New Members (revised 6-2-2020)
Contact Information and Useful Links

Past HIPS Iris Rescues – see them in action!

More Resources

Guardian Gardens FAQ
GG Spreadsheet Template (Excel)
Spring 2020 Guardian Gardens Iris List
Spring 2020 GG List (PDF download)
Single Cultivar Record Form (PDF download)
Multiple Cultivar Record Grid Form (PDF download)
Guardian Gardens: A Turnaround – Douglass Paschall’s excellent article on the formation of the GG network.

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