Iris Identification Committee Notes

Iris ID Committee Determinations

Our Iris ID Committee has been tasked with evaluating every new iris photo that has been posted in our Iris Gallery. Since in most cases the hybridizers of these historics are no longer available to ascertain that a photo is actually of the stated iris, the mission of the ID Committee is to determine if such photos are indeed correct and to what degree of accuracy. It should be noted here again, that the Committee is dedicated to making a decision as close as can possibly be determined for each iris, with all and any tools available. A determination of 100% accuracy will probably never be available without a hybridizer’s blessing, so we can merely approach with greater degrees of accuracy, a decision on each iris presented to us.

It is here you will find the results of each iris evaluation, as well as ‘why’, ‘who’, and ‘how’ a determination has been made. Please feel free to contact Charlie Carver the ID Chair if you believe that an image is not vetted accurately, and you have additional evidence to support your belief.
Thank you.

Arabi Pasha This cultivar from the UK has had many impostors. Several sources were accessed to determine which version was correct.

Joanna  The images presented in the Gallery have NOT been vetted or reviewed by the HIPS iris committee. They were taken in UK circa 2005 at Seagate Iris. Images of Johanna are difficult to find, however we will continue to search for evidence as to whether this iris is the correct cultivar listed. Please do NOT use this image to verify against your unknowns or pass along to others with this name.
A new picture of this cultivar was added 11/2016, donated by Milan Blazek. This photo is considered accurate. 

Gudrun  Only Images 1,2,3 are deemed to be vetted (believed correct). Image 4 is still under consideration, but the ID Committee has not concluded it is correct,due to the lighter beard, shorter falls and height of the plant.For further determination, image 4 plant will be grown next to an assumed correct Gudrun and the results will be posted.

Dilly Dilly Only existing known image from Presby Iris Garden. This image shows a ‘bluer’ iris than the one on the AIS TWIKI, however the shape and other characteristics appear very similar. We have requested input from our ID Chair in order to make a more accurate determination.So for now, this iris will have the designation M to indicate that it ‘might’ be correct pending further review.


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