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Al Borak

DeForest, R. 1951 / I. 1952

TB, 38″ M

From Lyon’s Irisland catalog for 1955: “A very large, lively, brown and copper russet flower with a green-gold cast. It boasts wide, spreading falls and extremely wide hafts. Heavy substance.”

From Edenwald Gardens catalog for 1955: “Large, horizontally flaring brown-tan or brown and copper-russet. Likely to be in much demand for breeding because of its size, form and the fact that this brown does not stem from Tobacco Road or Casa Morena.”

From Marble Iris Gardens catalog for 1957: “A finely branched copper-russet flower with a green-gold overlay. It has the broadest petals of all Iris together with extremely wide hafts. The falls literally touch, or tend to come close to overlapping. Many judges regard this Iris of light brown garden effect as an absolute perfect in form.”

((Her Grace x Prairie Sunset) X Copper River), HM 1953.

Iris Class:Bearded
Bearded Class:Tall Bearded
Fall Color:Brown/Rust
Standard Color:Gold/Tan
Beard Color:Orange/Deep Yellow
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