HIPS Photo Gallery

Alaskan Sunset

Plough R. 1966, R. 1967

37″ M.
From AIS checklist: Standards center area warm pink (Wilson 14/3) blending to Indian yellow (6/2) on edges: Falls pink glow on hafts, blending to canary yellow; center shows texture veining with near white area; tangerine, marigold orange beard. ((‘Char-Maize’ x Gold Ruffles) x Green Quest’) X Lemon Lilt. Eden Road 1967.

Provenance: Image 2 from garden of L Munro 2005; iris acquired from Winterberry Gardens 2003.

Iris Class:Bearded
Bearded Class:Tall Bearded
Fall Color:Orange
Standard Color:Orange
Beard Color:Orange/Deep Yellow
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