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Craig, R. & I. 1955

TB 36″ L

From Cooley’s 1959 catalog: “A new red, with a name in keeping with the impression it creates in the garden! Broad falls of brilliant color and heavy substance, slightly waved; it owes its fine form to CORDOVAN, one of its parents.”

From Fleur de Lis catalog 1965 “A large ruffled bitone. Standards are cedar red and the falls a rich India red. A bit difficult to grow here and in some other areas but certainly worth while for it is a top notch red. AM 1969. 1.00.”

(Savage X (Cordovan x Molten)), HM 1955, AM 1959.


Iris Class:Bearded
Bearded Class:Tall Bearded
Fall Color:Red/Maroon
Standard Color:Red/Maroon
Beard Color:Gold/Tan
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