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IB, height 25″ (64 cm), Midseason to late bloom. Standards white ground, nearly solid edging and dotting inside of violet (RHS 88C); falls same, narrower edging of violet; pale orchid beard; lightly ruffled; slight sweet fragrance. ‘Triple-Ripple’ X ‘Gentle Air’. Warburton 1984. Honorable Mention 1987.


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Blue Icing

Bee Warburton 1983/1987

Iris Class: Bearded
Bearded Class: Intermediate Bearded
Age: 1980-1989
Fall Color: White Ground Blue/Purp Stitch
Standard Color: White Ground Blue/Purp Stitch
Pattern: Plicata
Beard Color: Lavender
Hybridizer: Warburton
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