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IB 22″ E & Re

From the Cornell Extension Bulletin 112: “Color effect an intense violet-purple self. Standards pansy violet, lighter to yellowish claw and wavy along the edge. Falls continga purple, almost velvety in texture. The veining is boldly spaced on whitish outer haft, while those on I. kochii are not so prominent. Its fragrance is good, its color very intense, and its spathe valves deeply tinged. The persistent green foliage is attractive in winter.”

From J.C. Nicholls catalog for 1928: “Bright deep red purple self. Of as deep a color as I. kochii but redder in tone. Is also larger, taller, and more open in growth. An excellent Iris at a low price due to its plentiful stock.”

Comment: “One of the best increasers in the garden – extremely vigorous. I hear it is a winter rebloomer in warm climates, which explains why it has never rebloomed for me. However it does send up a continuous run of stalks for a 6-8 week period in the spring. Laetitia’s photo is the most accurate I’ve seen – it’s hard to capture.” – Mike, WA

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Crimson King

Barr, 1893

Iris Class: Bearded
Bearded Class: Intermediate Bearded
Age: pre-1900
Fall Color: Purple
Standard Color: Purple
Pattern: Self
Beard Color: White
Hybridizer: Barr
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