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From the Wing Seed Co. catalog for 1920: “New. Late. Enormous flowers with broad divisions. S. bronzy-rose with golden sheen; F. bright reddish-violet with brownish shadings; beard yellow; style arms brownish-yellow; haft veined brown. One of the most beautiful.”

From Rainbow Gardens catalog for 1925: “S. bronze-rose with golden sheen; F. reddish violet with brownish shading; a soft harmonious color. Large broad flower. Late.”

From Cornell Extension Bulletin 112: “Color effect a buff-vinaceous, drab-purple, veined blend. S. light vinaceous-drab at edge, fading to paler cinnamon-buff along the claw, and darker. F. dark vinaceous-purple, edged ecru along outer haft with brownish veins.

The individual flowers are lighted up by the broad yellow style branches and by the conspicuous dense orange beard. The moderate growth and the medium height of this variety are offset by its good, low-branching habit and interesting color blending. Its mass of dull color is welcome at the close of the main flowering season. Rating 83.”

From ‘Iris of Quality Iris Gardens, West Lafayette, Indiana 1927: “A fine variety of distinct and unusual coloring. S. dusky rose-orange; F. clear reddish violet”.

From Indian Spring Farms catalog for 1931: “S. erect, ruffled, dusky rose-orange; F. clear reddish violet. Very distinct.”

C SNHF 1918.

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Vilmorin, 1914 French

Iris Class: Bearded
Bearded Class: Intermediate Bearded
Age: 1900-1919
Fall Color: Mauve/Rose
Standard Color: Fawn/Bronze
Pattern: Bitone
Beard Color: Lemon/Light Yellow
Hybridizer: Vilmorin
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