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TB 38″ ML

From Schreiner’s Iris Lover’s catalog for 1980: “Looking for excellence in a new variety, here it is! This star performer is a handsome cream encrusted with gold. No, we need not gild the lily in describing this lovely Jersey cream-white branded gold. Just see our photograph and you will agree. Here we have a majestic gem, sculpturesquely formed and dramatically hued. Its flowers, in addition, have very heavy substance. A vision of loveliness! Resplendent and radiant, with sparkling clarity, this jewel has lovely ruffled form, excellent proportion and excels in hardiness and weather resistance. Heavy ramrod stiff stems, four branches plus spur. Just as Springtime is the season of new life, so too will this fine Iris bring ‘new life’ to your garden.”

((White Taffeta x (R 116-3 x Arctic Flame)) X ((May Delight x Christmas Time) x Tinsel Town)), HM 1982, AM 1984.

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Iris Class: Bearded
Bearded Class: Tall Bearded
Age: 1980-1989
Fall Color: White
Standard Color: Yellow
Pattern: Bicolor
Beard Color: Lemon/Light Yellow
Hybridizer: Schreiner
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