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TB 35″ ML

From Schreiner’s Iris Lover’s catalog for 1966: “For this highly individual iris, reminding one of a snow capped peak rising above a blue haze, we selected a name suggesting the classic beauty of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Its coloration reminds one also of the color pattern of certain Japanese iris. Fuji’s Mantle has snow white standards and flaring falls also starting white but slowly yielding to delicate brush strokes of light blue that eventually become a solid wash of cerulean. Iris judges who saw this last spring were unanimous in praise for its originality. This unique flower is of medium size, chaste and exquisite to an extreme. Triple branching enhances its garden effect.”

(Salem X Wonderment), HC 1965, HM 1967, JC 1967 & 1968, AM 1969, Cook Memorial Cup 1967.

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Fuji's Mantle

Schreiner 1966/1966

Iris Class: Bearded
Bearded Class: Tall Bearded
Age: 1960-1969
Fall Color: Lavender
Standard Color: White
Pattern: Amoena
Beard Color: Lemon/Light Yellow
Hybridizer: Schreiner
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