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TB 32″ EM

From Pilley’s Gardens catalog for 1966: “Shell pink standards with semi-flaring falls imperial purple falls. Red beard.”

From Eden Road Iris Garden catalog for 1966: “(Two D. Hall Sdlgs. X Color Carnival). Shell pink standards are closed. The semi-flaring falls are imperial purple. Bright and full tangerine beard. Non-fading, good substance, vigorous grower, and well branched. Should breed interesting seedlings.”

((Hall 52-12 x 52-07) X Color Carnival), HM 1964.

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Gay Geisha

M. Olson, 1959

Iris Class: Bearded
Bearded Class: Tall Bearded
Age: 1960-1969
Fall Color: Purple
Standard Color: Pink/Peach
Pattern: Bicolor
Beard Color: Tangerine/Pink
Hybridizer: Olson M
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