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JI 40″ M-L 6-F

From Melrose Gardens catalog for 1970: “6 petals. Colors in a rainbow spray co-mingle over the surface of these big, fully double flowers. The wide petals arch downward, completely overlapping, forming a gay and sparkling parasol, decorated with ruffles around the edges and a bow in the center. The colors, lavender and sapphire blue, are stippled and veined over a pale orchid ground, giving the effect of a blending of, yet, individually distinct shades. Paradoxical, yes, but words really do not convey the delicacy and otherness of this coloration. Prominent deep yellow spears add contrast beneath the pale violet style arms.”

HM 1969, JC 1969.

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Geisha Parasol

Maddocks, R. 1964 / I. 1968

Iris Class: Japanese
Age: 1960-1969
Fall Color: Purple
Standard Color: White
Pattern: Streaked/Striped
Hybridizer: Maddocks
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