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Gold Intensity

Lloyd Austin 1954/1954

BB 22″
From Lloyd Austin’s Rainbow Offerings 1954 (introductory catalog) “Almost an exact counter part of the marvelous Gold Sovereign but with the small flowers and low growing stature appropriate to the Border Iris. Standards intense smooth yellow, much deeper than in Ola Kala. Falls smooth very deep orange yellow with an orange beard. A heavy bloomer often with 3 blooms out at once. Almost a self, and a very smooth and rich piece of coloring.Stems are almost as slender as in Table iris so this serves admirably for arrangements. Plenty of pollen for crossing.”
‘Naranja’ seedling #4B X Naranja’ seedling #4A.




Iris Class:Bearded
Bearded Class:Border Bearded
Fall Color:Yellow
Standard Color:Yellow
Beard Color:Orange/Deep Yellow
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