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Standards amber yellow often flecked with the color and pattern of the falls. Falls deep, velvety purple, with hafts heavily veined lavender, and bordered light yellow.

Note: One of the early ‘broken color’ irises, it is usually classed as an MTB or BB though the Checklist has it as a TB. It is also reported to rebloom in some climates. Hardy and vigorous.

From Cornell Extension Bulletin 1925: “Color effect a flecked yellow, velvety pansy violet veined bicolor. S. amber yellow flecked raisin purple. F. velvety blackish red-purple, veined violet purple on lavender outer haft and reticulated red brown on bronzed base. The blade is bordered light yellow. The plant is a vigorous grower, with stiff medium deep green foliage tinged at the base. The spathe valves are green and slightly keeled. The flowers are borne on widely branched stalks, and the segments of the bloom expand so that the general effect is that of a short open bloom with cup formed standards. Rating 79.”

From ‘Iris of Quality Iris Gardens, West Lafayette, Indiana, 1927: “A light yellow and purple bicolor. F. bordered yellow. The most free flowering of any of the older sorts. Excellent for landscaping”.

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Goos & Koenemann, 1909

Iris Class: Bearded
Bearded Class: Intermediate Bearded
Age: 1900-1919
Fall Color: Red/Maroon
Standard Color: Yellow
Pattern: Variegata
Beard Color: Orange/Deep Yellow
Hybridizer: Goos & Koenemann
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