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TB 40″ ML

From Bayview Gardens catalog for 1976: “Years ago we decided that advancement in the brown class would come only from new bloodlines via the tangerine factor and set out on that line of breeding. Malaysia represents the vanguard of that new line of breeding, and a sensational one to launching forth with. A glowing true mid-brown with a hint of gold in the heart of the flower to add life to an already lively creation. A very large flower as is typical of the series. Placement is fine and growth habits are all one could hope for. A sib to Luau; from a cross that gave a wide range of colors that we’ve remade in quantities during the past three years.”

(Ponderosa X Saffron Robe).

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Ghio, R. 1974 / I. 1976

Iris Class: Bearded
Bearded Class: Tall Bearded
Age: 1970-1979
Fall Color: Brown/Rust
Standard Color: Brown/Rust
Pattern: Self
Beard Color: Orange/Deep Yellow
Hybridizer: Ghio
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