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Mitchell, 1935

TB 36″ ML Y7D

From Cooley’s Gardens catalog for 1937: “The leading introduction from Sidney Mitchell during the past season, and the first iris of huge size with a definite orange tone. Taller even than Happy Days, and practically as large. The falls are ochraceous orange, with a yellow heart, and the standards are bright empire yellow, the beard orange-yellow.”

From Robert Wayman’s catalog for 1940: “Tie for Second choice Dykes Medal, 1939. One of the outstanding new introductions, giving us a new color break, a pure orange color not heretofore seen in an iris. The huge blossoms are of fine form and excellent substance and it is a prodigious bloomer.”

(Helios x yellow Sdlg. 9-17), HM 1936, AM 1937.

Iris Class:Bearded
Bearded Class:Tall Bearded
Fall Color:Orange
Standard Color:Yellow
Beard Color:Orange/Deep Yellow
Hybridizer:Mitchell SB
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