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TB 36″ M

Light pink self; tangerine beard. Known in the Loomis garden since at least as early as the 1940’s, it was used by many hybridizers as a parent for pinks under Sdlg# SQ72. Became so well known as ‘Pikes Peak Pink’ that Melba Hamblen registered it with AIS as such in 1977.

Unknown parentage, but probably Purissima X Sea Shell.

WHAT’S IN A NAME, OR THREE? Dr. Loomis made his home in Colorado Springs, a mere 10 miles from the Pike National Forest with PIKES PEAK in the forefront of the Rockies. The mountain was first called EL CAPTAIN by the early Spanish settlers, and later took its name from ZEBULON Pike, the first explorer to attempt to climb to its summit in 1806.

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Pike's Peak Pink

Loomis SQ72 from 1940's? Earlier? R. 1977 by Hamblen

Iris Class: Bearded
Bearded Class: Tall Bearded
Age: 1970-1979
Fall Color: Pink/Peach
Standard Color: Pink/Peach
Pattern: Self
Beard Color: Tangerine/Pink
Hybridizer: Hamblen by Loomis
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