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From Cornell Extension Bulletin 112: “Color effect a brilliant, vinaceous-lilac self. Standards light vinaceous-lilac, slightly more bright. Falls a more brilliant Matthews’ purple, veined reddish brown.

The haft and styles are overcast with smokey or vinaceous-lilac which tends to bronze in the sun. The showy, old-gold beard is densely and conspicuously bronze tipped. This plant is of moderate growth and has lax, medium foliage and numerous flowering stalks. Its many, well-rounded, smallish flowers are of good substance and fragrance. It is an interesting old sort. This is not the bicolor Plumeri so commonly sold by nurserymen.”

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Collected (?), 1830

Iris Class: Bearded
Bearded Class: Tall Bearded
Age: Before 1900
Fall Color: Magenta/Plum
Standard Color: Magenta/Plum
Pattern: Self
Beard Color: Orange/Deep Yellow
Hybridizer: Ware, coll.
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