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From the Cayeux-LeClerc En Cie catalog for 1931: “Well branched strong firm stems over 3 feet tall. The flowers are of a fine fla(t)tened shape, expending in profusion at the same time. S. light violet with a greyish-slaty reflect. F. at right angles to the standards, gracefully frilled, purple-red on the center, shading lighter at the edges: large white throat reticulated violet. An iris of exceptional vigor recommendable specially for the profuse way it flower(s) late in the season.”

From Linwood Iris  Gardens 1936 “A subtle rich red purple of unusual beauty. Having a distinctive creamy white throat and creamy veining giving it a distinctive charm found in no other iris. The broad beautiful falls are frilled and flaring. Large.  LATE. 36”. Hardy and fine. .65″

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Cayeux, 1929

Iris Class: Bearded
Bearded Class: Tall Bearded
Age: 1920-1929
Fall Color: Magenta/Plum
Standard Color: Magenta/Plum
Pattern: Bitone
Beard Color: White
Hybridizer: Cayeux F
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