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TB 40″ E-M S9M

From DeForest’s Irisnoll catalog for 1943: “42 inches. Mid-season. Large flower on a well branched stalk. Blended tints of flesh, cream and salmon, with “rose” on the falls.”

From Schreiner’s Iris Lover’s catalog for 1946: “Lovely and pleasing combination of opalescent creamy flesh dominated by an overlay of salmon. The falls have a lustrous spread of rose tones around the beard. Large flowers on well branched stems.”

From National Iris Gardens catalog for 1948: “M. 36″ A magnificent iris with a most unusual blending of colors. The background of creamy flesh is gayly dominated by an overlay of salmon color.”

HM 1941.

Note: Salar is not listed in DeForest’s 1940 Irisnoll, but is in the ‘list’ portion of the 1941. The better description is in the 1943 catalog listing of his 1940-42 intros. The 1949 CL lists Schreiner’s as selling it in 1940; anyone have the catalog to check for details?

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DeForest, R. 1939 / I. 1940

Iris Class: Bearded
Bearded Class: Tall Bearded
Age: 1940-1949
Fall Color: Cream/Buff
Standard Color: Cream/Buff
Pattern: Blend
Beard Color: Orange/Deep Yellow
Hybridizer: Deforest F
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