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TB 36″ M

From Melrose Gardens catalog for 1980: “An iris of the finest quality, domed, deeply ruffled and laced, yellow standards; near horizontally flaring falls, white with crinkled yellow edges and ruffled ruffling the ruffles. And that’s not all. Deep yellow beards end in upturned sky blue horns – sky hooks! Excellent branching and vigorous plants.”

From Schreiner’s Iris Lover’s catalog for 1986: ” ‘Space Age’ iris? We’ve selected Sky Hooks as one of the finest of these new Iris. Violet horns protrude from the ends of golden beards and reach like grappling hooks to the heavens. See for yourself: this new attention-getter is pictured. The standards are yellow, the falls white with yellow edging. Three branches, 6 buds.”

From Cooley’s Gardens catalog for 1987: “One of the newer horned varieties, this one a soft champagne yellow with edging to match and a lighter yellow center fall. Most striking are the violet horns protruding from the gold beards. Three branches and six buds, very fluted and ruffled.”

(Wedding Vow X Moon Mistress), HM 1982, AM 1986.

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Sky Hooks

M. Osborne, R. 1979 / I. 1980

Iris Class: Bearded
Bearded Class: Tall Bearded
Age: 1980-1989
Fall Color: White
Standard Color: Yellow
Pattern: Bicolor
Beard Color: Orange/Deep Yellow
Hybridizer: Osborne
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