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SI 31″ ML 3-F

Small white flowers with bright gold hafts and spoon-shaped falls. Profuse bloomer, with two buds per stalk.

AM RHS 1902.

Comment: “I’m 95% certain of the ID of this variety. It certainly isn’t remotely close to a modern hybrid. Though there are hundreds of pics of SQ on the net only a very few have the spoon-shaped falls, which are a distinctive feature of SQ as pictured in several old iris books. If anyone has pics of SQ from pre-40’s catalogs I’d love to see them.” – Mike, WA

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Snow Queen

Barr, coll. Japan abt. 1900

Iris Class: Siberian
Age: 1900-1919
Fall Color: White
Standard Color: White
Pattern: Self
Hybridizer: coll. Barr
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