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Tournament Queen

Carl Milliken 1945

TB. Early bloom. Color Class B7M, ‘Betsy Ross’ X (Mount Cloud’ x ‘Cheerio’).

From Walter Marx Iris Garden Catalog 1956 “Year after year Tournamen tQueen continues to be a top favorite in many gardens. An enchanting shade of fuchsia, with falls slightly darker than the standards. The blossoms are crisp looking almost as though they were the work of a master glass blower. Perfectly hardy everywhere and becoming increasingly popular 3 feet.”

Note from Webmaster LM: This iris can have variable coloring based upon weather or growing conditions. Note both photos are from Presby Iris Gardens, different years. 2003 must have been a cooler year than 2008 as the colors are more intense. Still a beauty either way.

Iris Class:Bearded
Bearded Class:Tall Bearded
Fall Color:Mauve/Rose
Standard Color:Mauve/Rose
Beard Color:Orange/Deep Yellow
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