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Warrior King

Schreiner 1984/1985

Mto ML 36″
From Schreiner’s Iris Lovers Catalog 1988 “Sheer intensity of coloration makes this iris “King of the reds”. The deep glossy red coloring is non fading and has a velvet like sheen. Of noble proportions the full 6 x 4 inch flowers are formed with an airy flair. Stiff rigid stems, three branches with 8 to 9 buds per stem. This is  one of our premier creations .”
(seedling# B 530-2 x Spartan) X seedling# H 492-1: ((‘Vitafire’War Lord’) x (seedling# A 377-K x seedling# B 675-4))

AIS HC 1983
HM 1987

Iris Class:Bearded
Bearded Class:Tall Bearded
Fall Color:Red/Maroon
Standard Color:Red/Maroon
Beard Color:Red
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