May 10th, 2005
Statement of Purpose
The HISTORIC IRIS PRESERVATION SOCIETY, a not for profit organization chartered pursuant to § 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code, was created, in part, to educate members and the public at large concerned with preservation, identification and distribution of historic irises. Toward this end, the HIPS uses various forums of communication in various media, to publish and reproduce various works of authors, photographers and other artisans in the furtherance of its goal.
In establishing, administering and enforcing this Policy, it is the express intention of the HIPS, its officers, directors and membership, to create, establish and administer a uniform mechanism governing all aspects of copyright protection for the mutual benefit of the HIPS, those individuals submitting works to be published by and through the efforts of the HIPS, and for the benefit of the members and the public interested in historic irises and their preservation.

1. Statement of Purpose
By no means is this Policy intended to deprive authors, photographers and other artisans of their collective intellectual property rights as related to the publication of their works by the HIPS. This policy is merely intended to aid the HIPS in its administrative and record-keeping burdens created by and through the submission of materials for publication and reproduction by the HIPS consistent with its goal as stated above.

As a general matter, it is not intended that this Policy expand the intellectual property interests of the HIPS beyond what is stated herein, except to the extent otherwise explicitly agreed to between the HIPS and the person or entity making a submission.

2. Submissions
In order to further its goal of disseminating information regarding historic irises to interested individuals, groups and the public at large, the HIPS encourages submissions of material. Adding to the HIPS collection of reference material/s is ongoing. Generating and sharing material with the HIPS allows it to be accessible and enjoyed by like-minded irisarians everywhere. Upon submitting material, unless otherwise explicitly agreed between the HIPS and the individuals or entities submitting material, it is hereby understood between the HIPS and the individuals or entities making submission/s; that such material will be tendered to the HIPS along with a non-exclusive license, granted solely to the HIPS*, allowing the HIPS to reproduce and copy the material in any of its forums for communication, in conjunction with appropriate credit of ownership being attributed to the submitting party, under the terms of this Policy.
* non-exclusive license: by ‘not being exclusive’, the owner of the material retains the right to grant additional non-exclusive licenses to others as well. granted solely to the HIPS: this statement acknowledges that this license is granted by the owner of the material to the HIPS itself; it does not imply that the HIPS has any right to extend this license to others. Thus, the HIPS revokes any implied license on behalf of its submitters.

Submitted material/s, with a non-exclusive license granted solely to the HIPS through its communication forums:

  • may be varied from the original for space, correctness, or other necessity;
  • may be used in print, electronic or other form in the capacities of both non-commercial and commercial** use for the benefit of the HIPS;
  • may be added into the records, archives or other aspects of the HIPS responsible for data collection and maintenance;
  • may be used in the future by the HIPS at its own discretion and to its own benefit, in still unconsidered ways.
    ** Commercial use by the HIPS is currently noted by the sale of its journal Roots and reprinted materials. These are commercially oriented projects to raise funds for the HIPS, and may be expanded to other areas in the future.This license shall be perpetual so long as the HIPS maintains non-profit status in conjunction with the administration of its goal as stated. In the event the HIPS ceases to maintain its non-profit status, this non-exclusive perpetual license will be considered withdrawn by the individual or entity making the submission.In no event is this non-exclusive license intended to limit, defeat or otherwise encumber the ownership interests of the individual or party submitting material. Rather it is merely intended to ease the administrative and record keeping burdens imposed upon the members of the all volunteer HIPS members and officers responsible for dealing with submission in the various forums of communication.3. Forums for Communication
    At the present time, the HIPS operates several forums for communication, namely, the Internet Home Page (URL) of HYPERLINK “http://www.hips-roots.com”, its journal, ROOTS, and the reprinting of documents and material of particular significance to the HIPS mission statement. Upon submission of a work for consideration of publication in one of the afore mentioned, or future forums not yet created, it is mutually understood by the owner and the HIPS that the non-exclusive license granted to the HIPS will cover the reproduction and copying of the licensed work in any or all of the present and future forums of communication administered and controlled by the HIPS. Future communication forums approved by the appropriate governing areas of the HIPS board, and submissions thereto, are bound to this copyright Policy.4. Reproduction and Copying – are for Private Use Only
    Consistent with its goals of disseminating information to members interested in documentation and preservation of historic irises and to the public in general, the HIPS encourages copying and reproduction of information appearing in its forums for communication only when such copying and reproduction is strictly limited to personal use.
    Commercially oriented reproduction of information contained within the HIPS’ forums for communication is in violation of the HIPS’ non-exclusive license referred to above, may constitute copyright infringement, and will not be tolerated. Should you wish to reproduce said information beyond personal use (i.e. commercially oriented) you must contact the owner of the material and request that you be granted your own non-exclusive license. On behalf of material owners submitting to the HIPS, let it be known that no implied license is granted to others, either overtly or inadvertently, nor should it be presumed. From time to time the HIPS will conduct appropriate enforcement activities in order to assure reproduction of information contained in its forums for communication is consistent with personal use of it.

    5. No Return of Materials
    Due to the volunteer nature of staffing at the HIPS and due to its non-profit status, any material submitted to the HIPS for possible reproduction in any or all of its current or future forums for communication cannot be returned. It is strongly suggested that the owners of said material make appropriate copies of their material prior to submitting them so as to avoid logistical complications and any misunderstanding.

    6. Editorial Guideline
    It is the intention of the HIPS that this uniform Policy act as a guideline to the Editors and Administrators of its forums for communication. In the event of a conflict or a question, it is the express intention of the HIPS that the principles stated herein will be relied upon and fully considered in arriving at any conclusion.

    7. Policy Exclusions
    This Policy is specifically intended to exclude any works of authorship, photography or any other creation that is solely created by or for the sole benefit of the HIPS. This includes, but is not limited to, works for hire, gifts, bequests and specific contracts for publication of any work created by another.

    © 2005 Historic Iris Preservation Society (HIPS)
    Special thanks to the Mid-West Tool Collectors Assoc. for allowing HIPS use of this policy
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