iris don juan
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Don Juan
Cayeux, 1928

TB M 40"

From Quality Gardens catalog for 1930:  "Enormous flowers of splendid shape and of the greatest substance. S. light rosy lilac, shaded bronze (pink effect). F. very wide and extremely flaring, bright red, paler at the margin and heavily reticulated at the haft. The foliage is of greater size and height than any iris we have ever seen. It is simply a giant. A sturdy flower of the greatest vigor. This iris has created a great sensation wherever it has been seen. Won CMSNHF 1928, special prize offered by the Iris Commission of France."

From Rene Cayeux's catalog for 1939:  "Immense flower reaching over 3 inches wide, excellent in shape with flattish almost spreading falls. S. light rosy-lilac shaded bronze. F. very wide purplish garnet-red shading lighter toward the edges; large white throat with brown veins. Height 3 feet. Certificate of Merit and Special Prize of the S.N.H.F. IRISES COMMISSION for the three best new Irises (Mai 1929)."

CM & Spec.Prize SNHF 1928.

Note:  Not the first time I've seen a discrepancy between AIS and Cayeux's award dates (generally by one year), but may be the only time I've posted it into Cayeux's quote.   sdt