Horned Rosyred

TB 36″ M

From Cooley’s Gardens catalog for 1974: “A whole series of stitched, dotted and etched seedlings has come along from crosses using April Melody as one parent. It is a very delicate light shade of pink, almost white, with a fine pattern of deeper pinkish etching. Ideal form, opulent bloom and tall, well branched stalks contribute to its alluring charm.”

(April Melody X sdlg), HM 1972.

TB 38″ ML

Suffused red heavily shot and influenced deeper copper and brown tones; molten underglow; Falls more velvety looking slightly darker; self beard.

Olympic Torch X T 302-A ((R 445-A (Caldron x L 299-3: Sunset Blaze x Inca Chief) x 585-1 (Trim x Bronze Bell)), HM 1970.

Nam Viverra Euismod

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