Iris Preservation

disgardIris Preservation is one of the major functions of our Society. There are many rare historic irises being grown in gardens across the US and around the world that are in danger of being lost forever. The vagaries of life or passing of time can often bring an end to a gardener’s life of collecting and caring for large numbers of irises. Rather than have these collections destroyed or abandoned, we can offer assistance in rescuing and redistributing the varieties to current collectors to ensure they stay around for future generations to enjoy.

Doug Paschall is the Cultivar Preservation chairperson for HIPS. Over the past year Doug has facilitated the transfer of older iris for several irisarians whose collections were about to be lost because they could no longer care for their collections. These distribution efforts promote the growing of rare historic cultivars in multiple areas of the country. Doug believes in being proactive about preserving the historic iris of the future as cultivars start disappearing from commerce long before they reach historic status. Many varieties from the 80’s and early 90’s are already disappearing.

For more information on this project please contact Doug Paschall at:

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