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The World of Iris

Who remembers Mike Lowe’s very first HIPS website and all the interesting information he put out there? We may remember it as the ‘World of Iris’ and after Mike’s passing most of us believed it also had disappeared seeing the original website is no longer in operation.

However, thanks to a HIPS member some of the original material has been  FOUND! The content on this site, is now owned by David Joyce and Clark University who has given us permission to post a link to his page.

The page has not been updated since 2003, so many links in the link section no longer work. But some do, and there are interesting ‘gems’ to be discovered there.

In addition the lovely reproductions from Dykes’ The Genus Iris is a real treat.

Thank you David Joyce for safekeeping this information and allowing us to share it with HIPS members and their friends.

Click here: David Joyce’s page of World Iris Information


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